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Take advantage of amazing savings on our most popular programs. 

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For a limited time, enjoy the biggest savings we have ever offered on some of our most popular programs. 

MLM Blueprint Course

Network Marketing Leadership Academy

21 Days of Action Success System

21 Day Mindset Momentum Challenge

MLM Autosuggestion Matrix Course


Millionaire Mindset Secrets


Rewire and reprogram your mind for success with the 12 game-changing blueprints and mindset mastery mentoring program that has previously only been available to Dave's  private clients

  • Master the inner game of network marketing in just 20-30 minutes a day so you can skyrocket your business and create your ultimate life and lifestyle.
  • Raise your confidence and belief levels so you can achieve greater success and freedom 
  • Break free from the limiting mindset and reactive patterns that have been sabotaging your dreams

Regular Price: £97.00



Regular Price: £497


The Rolls Royce of Network Marketing training courses is designed to help you become a powerful leader, engaging presenter and top earner in your company.

  • Master your mindset with our proprietary Advanced Blueprints, Mindmasters Webinars and 30 Day Mindset Mastery Challenge.
  • Unlock levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence you didn't know existed.
  • Learn how to become more charismatic, dynamic and humurous as a speaker with our renowned Presentation Prosperity 12 Module Course.
  • Attend our LIVE events for free throughout the year

21 Days of Action Success System

Develop the winning habits of extraordinary achievers so you can take your business & life to the next level. 

  • 21 Mp3 Downloads of the field-tested and proven 21 Day System to breakthrough all your limitations and achieve your goals with consistent ease…
  • A further 14 unconscious guided meditation processes to assist you in reprogramming and rewiring yourself for success.
  • A PDF Worksheet for each one of the 21 lessons.
  • You’ll be given a login and password within 2 hours of ordering to access your mp3 downloads.

Regular Price: £78


21 Days Mindset Momentum Challenge

An advanced scientifically proven mental and emotional New 21 Day Success System designed to prime your mind for elite performance.

  • Retrain your brain to develop the winning habits of a champion so you can create the life and lifestyle you deserve
  • 21 high level videos, 21 new mindset blueprints and PDF worksheets for each lesson

An advanced scientifically proven mental and emotional New 21 Day Success System designed to prime your mind for elite performance.

Regular Price: £94.00


MLM Autosuggestion Matrix Course

The MLM Autosuggestion Matrix Course is designed to reprogram yourself in 4 key areas:

  • Overcoming fear
  • Increasing Belief
  • Consistent Action
  • Finding FlowWe

We consider these 4 levels as your Matrix. And when you solve this Matrix, all 4 of these working together brings you closer to your goals at a very high rate.

You’ll discover the scientifically proven solution that will allow you to achieve your network marketing and lifestyle goals faster and easier than ever before and how to live your live in a way that gives you more joy, purpose and meaning every single day. The MLM Autosuggestion Matrix Course uses a threshold technology designed in an engaging micro-practice format that can yield astonishingly fast and enduring results.

Regular Price: £67


NEW! MindStory


Regular Price: $999


This 5 module course will teach you how to put your success on autopilot so you can accelerate business and life success and live with more power, purpose, happiness, and passion. 

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind through mind stories so you can start anchoring successful habits and attract the life you deserve. 
  • 9 Neuro-Blueprints to rewire your brain over 2 months.  
  • 5 course modules to help you rewrite your past, present, and future so you stop blocking yourself from reaching your goals. 
  • Access to VIP coaching in the private MindStory Group.
  • Plus 4 valuable bonuses to help you manifest your goals faster!
  • In just 30 minutes a day you can skyrocket your business, your career, health, finances, relationships, happiness and create the lifestyle of your dreams...

Millionaire Mindset Secrets

Model the mindset of one of Dave's top clients, millionaire Network Marketer, Natalie Heeley in this powerful 4 module online training program which teaches you the exact same exercises and strategies Dave has personally taught Natalie for the last 7 years.

  • Upgrade your knowledge skills & strategies to develop the confidence, character and charisma of a World Class Network Marketing Leader.
  • Learn how to build a huge team and then discover and develop the natural hidden leaders within your organisation.
  • Install the mindset and characteristics of the worlds greatest Network Marketers so you can think, feel and take action everyday like a Network Marketing Champion.

Regular Price: £94


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